1/24/2016 Gratitude Post

I had a bit of a meltdown last night–Depression and Anxiety meters high, Isolation meter through the roof–so I didn’t do my gratitude post. I’ll include yesterday’s stuff here, since it was actually not a bad day on the functionality front until evening. Today I spent the day with good friends, but now I’m home and alone and the crash is coming and my heart is going nuts, as it often does. I don’t really know how to describe it; my heart rate is only slightly elevated, but the beats feel very… strong/hard. And occasionally I realize that I’m forgetting to breathe. Anyway, let’s do this.


  • I went out and got a bagel omelette sandwich from the bagel shop I like at the bottom of the hill. Also Orangina. I <3 Orangina.
  • I managed to play D3 by myself, and briefly with Sean. Still waiting on that belt and hat for my Sweeping Wind/Wave of Light build.
  • I did some more chores, including programming the new garage remote I got. That was more involved than I expected, and included some ladder time.
  • I cooked up some bell peppers and onions to supplement leftovers for dinner.
  • I’ve been watching Master of None on Netflix, and it’s pretty funny.


  • I got to spend the day with Kyle and Kari and Baby Cyrus!
  • I petted their cat Callie a lot and rubbed her belly.
  • We got sushi for lunch.
  • We spent the day playing Disgaea 5.
  • They made me a nice dinner, as well as cookies!

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