1/26/2016 Gratitude Post

  • I got up early(ish)! So I took myself out to Holder’s Country Inn and treated myself to breakfast.
  • Did some errands while I was out.
  • I reactivated an online dating site account (Coffee Meets Bagel). I dunno if that’s really such a positive things to put on this list…? I mean I guess it is, since my being in a place/mood to try again is positive, right? Though even the act of getting it set up again made me feel more depressed. Oh well, we’ll see what happens and try not to think too much about it.
  • I took a nap. I’ve been waking up early–which is not the same as GETTING up early, mind you–and I guess it’s been taking its toll. Naps are not really a good thing for me… these days I don’t let myself take them unless the alternative is zombification (which it was today), since afterwards I feel really crappy (but more functional). But I’m grateful that I have the freedom to take naps if I need them.
  • Buuut I did feel crappy afterwards, worse in some ways than I did before. My Depression meter has been really high the past few days, with Anxiety and ADHD not too far behind. I’m grateful that today I had some friends to chat with to mellow things out slightly.
  • I went up to SF for NGoT Night, despite being anxious about the trip. Going up to SF during traffic hours and trying to find parking and then coming back late, usually on a motorcycle to try and mitigate those first two points, has been stressing me out more and more in recent months. I think it’s in contrast to how much easier it was from Emeryville. But anyway, I did it, and got to see my friends and eat tasty stroganoff and watch TV shows with them. And the ride up and down is still fun, even if it’s stressful and cold. Brr.

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