1/27/2016 Gratitude Post

  • I did not get up early. I got up quite late. My body seems to need so much sleep that I end up not being able to sleep the following night. I’ve thought about putting myself on a 36-hour day schedule or something like that, but it’s hard to keep in sync with the rest of the world like that. Anyway, I ate a frozen pizza for lunch. I’m grateful for frozen pizza.
  • I got to watch new Excellent Adventures episodes, hurray!
  • The afternoon was pretty dysfunctional. That’s not a positive thing, so I shouldn’t write it here…. Uh, let’s see. Oh, I pulled out one of the little tea light candles I have stashed away and lit it, on a whim. I’ve been thinking a lot in the past year or so about the little micro-experiences I like in life, things like being able to see the sky or watching a flame. I don’t light candles, generally… these ones I have are so old and have a lot of history in them. I got them in high school and have used them in romantic gestures for several girls over the years. Anyway, I’m grateful for candles, and I think I might make more of a habit of lighting candles now.
  • I got to spend the evening hanging out with good friends at the hookah lounge. We drank tea, ate a tasty dinner, and generally had a nice evening with good conversation. It was really nice!
  • I finally got myself to fold all that laundry that had been piling up for weeks! It took me (the last) two episodes of Master of None, an episode of Kimmy Schmidt (which I didn’t really like), and an Aziz Ansari stand-up special to fold it all. And then I even put it away right away! …well, okay, after fifteen minutes of Facebook on my phone.

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