1/28/2016 Gratitude Post

  • I got to have a nice lunch with Ryan at Liang’s Village Cuisine, which I’d been craving for a week. I got my preserved egg with tofu, and beef noodle soup. I think next time I might just go with all appetizers: preserved egg with tofu, beef onion pancake, chili oil wontons… yum!
  • Ran an errand while I was out.
  • I played some D3 by myself. Kind of frustrating, as I’m currently bottlenecked by one stupid belt that just refuses to drop, but I managed to keep at it.
  • I cooked! Made some yellow curry with chicken and broccoli over brown rice. It was tasty, and I have leftovers for tomorrow!
  • I got to play some Rocket League and a little bit of SWTOR with Ryan.
  • I ate a tasty chocolate with toffee in it, from a chocolate assortment that a friend got me for Christmas.  :D

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