2/1/2016 Gratitude Post

  • I had a great weekend in Tahoe with wonderful friends for one of their birthday. We walked around and played a bit in the snow, and played board games and video games and ate food. I got to play a couple of new games that I really liked. All in all, a wonderful time!
  • Today was not so good. Depression meter was through the roof. I had a list of things I wanted to do today, and none of them happened. I spent a fair chunk of it just sitting and staring, fighting myself and trying to act. I eventually gave up. But after that I was able to keep myself fed, and also play a bunch of D3 by myself!
  • Past Eug left me leftovers to eat, as well as fruit!
  • I made chili mac with peas for dinner!
  • I had a nice chat with Matt. Talking to him always gets me fired up to do various cool things, which is nice even if that motivation doesn’t stick around. I like being excited about things, and it doesn’t happen for me very often. Anyway, based on that chat I think I’m gonna give snowboarding another try sometime soon.
  • I made myself a mug of tea! This kind of thing doesn’t happen as often as it should. Those little self-care impulses almost always just get washed away in the storm that is my anxiety and ADHD, even if they manage to get past the depression. One of the things I’ve been thinking about lately is that I want to try and do things immediately upon thinking of them, to try and circumvent all the overthinking that sends everything into the toilet. Less planning, more impulse.

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