2/2/2016 Gratitude Post

Though it started out badly, I actually ended up having a really good day! Now I’m crashing again though. Yay brains~

  • I had a nice lunch of leftover chili mac.
  • I eventually got myself out (with help from a friend) and ran a whole bunch of errands! These included getting a car washed, shopping around for new snow pants, getting cat food, and buying 300 lbs. of salt for the water softener.
  • Then I went to Starbucks and had a coconut milk hot chocolate and the last cheese danish!
  • And I sat there and wrote for like an hour and a half!
  • I went home and loaded up that water softener. Go me!
  • Then I went to the gym and did some hill walking on the treadmill for almost an hour!
  • Then I got to have dinner at Chipotle with a bunch of friends!
  • After I came home, I practiced piano, and even recorded this: https://youtu.be/UNwQA4JsRLY

So yeah, quite a productive day in the end, though it wasn’t without its demons. And now those demons are striking hard. Maybe one day I’ll be able to enjoy all the good things I have in my life. Maybe I should just go to sleep.

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