2/3/2016 Gratitude Post

  • I found good snow pants online in short size!
  • I went out for a tasty pizza lunch at Blue Line with my brother, his wife, and our cousin!
  • I played some D3 on my own! I think I may be done with it for now. I’ve been having fun, and I’m happy with what I’ve accomplished in the game, not to mention that I’ve mostly been able to hold back my mental demons and play for the past few weeks since the season started. But now I think I want to try and channel that capability into a more meaningful game for a while.
  • I made a bunch of pasta! Nothing complicated, just ground beef and summer squash in jarred mushroom tomato sauce. Also I didn’t give the pasta enough water to boil in and didn’t notice until too late, but it turned out mostly okay. Plus at least three meals worth of leftovers! You’re welcome, Future Eug!
  • I had some nice chats with friends!
  • I did a little tiny bit of writing!

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