2/4/2016 Gratitude Post

Not a good day, mentally/emotionally speaking. Depression meter was extremely high. I feel like I’m often teetering on the edge between “put renewed effort into life” and “give up entirely”. I’m trying not to look at things in terms of progress (and the implied opposite, regress), but it’s hard.

  • I had leftover pasta for lunch. Thanks, Past Eug!
  • I got to watch a new episode of Excellent Adventures, and one of EA Asia.
  • I did a little writing.
  • Tonight was book club, which is always fun.
  • Laura made me a mixtape! So nice of her!
  • We had some pretty good pizza for dinner. Two pizzas in two days, not bad! Plus I got to take home the leftovers!
  • I tossed gym stuff in the Miata on my way to carpool to book club. Afterwards I got myself to go to the gym before going home. Nice. Did an hour and change of incline walking on a treadmill. The past couple times I’ve been watching TV shows on Netflix while walking. I usually listen to music, but I find it doesn’t occupy my mind enough, and I end up continually looking at the clock on the treadmill and counting the seconds. This makes for a kind of torturous workout. Watching Netflix has been better, but I don’t think my phone’s data plan can support it as a long-term solution. I’m probably gonna try podcasts or audiobooks instead, but I’m not hopeful. Oh well… good job tonight, Eug.

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